The music is great, the aesthetic is fire

The Guardian

Music is a key part of this experience, all superb.


The music enhanced my immersion…


a delightful soundtrack full of acoustic guitars, banjos, and other rural sounds

– Nintendo World Report

The music throughout the game is wonderful, aligning to emotions and story beats.

Punished Baglog

The soundtrack is lovely and offers some haunting vocals


I have to mention how memorable the music was, as it utilised a wide pallete of instruments to accompany the varying mood and situations in-game.


…this soundtrack is one of the best in recent memory.


The musical framework is nothing short of perfect for the setting, thanks to composer Andreas Busk.


… outstanding music…


…great music that both gives you a feel on Elk and matches whatever scenario Frigg finds herself in at the same time.


The sound design is spot-on.


The songs are great at creating a friendly, heartwarming atmosphere.


Fantastic soundtrack.


…catchy and captivating music.


Oh, and the music! The music is a perfect folksy blend of upbeat jangles and mournful dirges…


Quality soundtrack that sticks well to the mood…


…super fun soundtrack, well integrated and with the ability to make sense of everything that happens on the screen…(it) wanders through a host of atmospheric moments and varied effects that give a special and unique touch to this universe.


To conclude, we believe the soundtrack of Welcome to Elk gives the final touch to result in a game that is original, emotional and different…


Music/sound 10/10


an unforgettable soundtrack…


A pleasant aspect to highlight in Welcome to Elk is its beautiful music. With several melodies that accompany us throughout the game and that match perfectly with the tone of each moment. We find more funereal melodies in front of other more crazy ones. A good musical repertoire that pleases our ears and remains in the recorded memory.


…the soundtrack music says something for the very impressive sound design by Andreas Busk. His music ranges from Bluegrass and Country influenced pieces to an almost Surf Guitar take on those genres yet it fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly.


…throughout the entire adventure we will find a beautiful soundtrack


…music which ranges from jolly and playful to sombre and really quite moving.


…fine-tuned sound


The soundtrack was one of the best parts of the game. Effect sounds were also great. 

MKAU Gaming

Soundcloud showreel:

Love Me Tender, Anemoneteatret, 2018, Musik, lyd og konceptdesign – genopført 2019, Præmieret af Statens Kunstfonds Legatudvalg for Scenekunst som en af ‘Årets bedste forestillinger’ i 2018.


Beatrice af Tidsrum, Musik og instrumentdesign. Opført i Danmark og England.

Hjemmegjort instrument ‘Bornholmerviolin’ udviklet til forestillingen ‘Beatrice‘ – lavet af indmad fra et bornholmerur. Statens Værksteder for Kunst.

Seasonal Skin af Carl Emil Carlsen og Andreas Busk, Musik og Lyd, Click Festival, nomineret til Unity Awards 2014 i ‘Best Non-game’.

Den 4. morgen af Signe Klejs og Jon Skulberg, opført på Bora-Bora, Århus, 2017


It’s All My Fault af Teater Graense-loes, Opført på Nationalmuseet 2016

Soundtrack, dansestykket Vindueskigger, 2015

OperaBooth – Remote Intimate Duet af Finn Markwardt, Steven Gelineck og Andreas Busk. Musik og operakoncept af Andreas Busk.

‘Fall’ EP

H.Opera8700 – med Andrea Pellegrini, ensemblet Lydenskab m. fl., 2014

Beatrice Soundtrack

Audio Branding DRTV

DRTV 3-tone jingle – fra 0:35 og frem from Andreas Busk on Vimeo.

Fairy Lake – Computerspil

‘Fairy Lake’ – Musik/SFX Andreas Busk from Andreas Busk on Vimeo.


DR1/DR2 Ident Andreas Busk Lyd/Musik from Andreas Busk on Vimeo.

Lyddesign til DR ULTRA, 2013

Album ‘1:1’

Soundtrack, dansestykket Velkommen til de normale menneskers fest

Live in Paris – Improvisations inspired by the paintings of David Ramírez Gómez

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